Radio Cymru

School reporters Martha and Megan investigated what Britain’s decision to leave the EU will mean for young people in Wales. They also got the opportunity to share their concerns on BBC Radio Cymru.


Lately, it’s been almost impossible to watch television, log on to social media, or listen to the radio without hearing the word: ‘Brexit.’ But what does it mean for young people, who have to live with the consequences of leaving the E.U? There are many rumors about what could happen after article 50 is triggered, and the effects it will have on people’s lifestyles, and how we interact with neighboring countries.  We asked a local mother her opinions on ‘Brexit’, she has this to say-“The country has made its decision, so I think it’s time for politicians to stop messing about- the uncertainty isn’t good for anyone”

Many people think that leaving the EU was a good idea, and that the country could benefit largely from this decision.

For example, the benefit that could occur in the next 5 years, is that GB could save A LOT of money. The money that we would have re-gained from leaving the EU could be used to fund the N.H.S and schools. However, once article 50 has been triggered, and we have officially left the European Union, the dangers of ‘Brexit’ become real. Trade for farmers could become almost non-existent, as most of the U.K’s exports are currently sold to countries within the EU tariff-free and after leaving the EU meat from the UK becomes much more expensive. This could result in countries importing from elsewhere, making business bad for farmers and any other business that relies on trade with the EU. Of course, this would be the same for countries who sell a lot of their products to us in the UK as their products would attract tax at import. This could force us to buy more locally produced products so it may have the reverse effect. The EU could make the UK poorer than ever and could cause benefits to drop, and pay to fall. No one knows how exactly how ‘Brexit’ could affect us, but hopes are high that whatever happens, we will benefit from all of this chaos known as ‘Brexit’