School reporters Amelia, Ava, Brooke, and Kyde became sports reporters this term.


Girls rugby is rarely on the TV. It is also upsetting to know that women have decreased their ticket prices to about £10 for adults and £45 for families, while men’s rugby tickets range from £59 to £264. Furthermore, women who play rugby for England are considered full-time professionals whereas women who play rugby have jobs on the side. I believe this unjust and unfair. Women and girls in Wales should have more opportunities to play bigger teams, they should have more training time and should be considered full-time players like every other team.


Rachel and Amelia at an early morning fitness session



I’ve decided to write about how proud I am of my deaf cousin who has been picked for the deaf Wales rugby team. In my opinion,  getting picked for such an elite team is an incredible achievement, and next week he will be traveling all the way to the tropical sun-kissed Australia to play with the team of his dreams. Before he played with the deaf Wales rugby team he got offered a life-changing decision to have a surgery ‘cochlear implant’ which meant he couldn’t play any contact sport ever again, but he chose to reject the offer to pursue his dreams to play rugby and represent Wales. Even if you’re disabled you can do anything, achieve anything and most importantly follow your dreams.


I believe women and men should get the same opportunities in Sport. They should get the opportunity to play a range of different sports and the games should certainly be televised.


I’ve been searching for months for the perfect person to interview and then I realised he’s been standing right next to me all this time. Richard Wilson is my very own A.F.C Porth football coach. Last Saturday after our game I interviewed Richard to see from his why he became a football coach. Q: Why did you choose football as your sport when you’ve got plenty of other options to choose from? A: I chose football because I’ve had a passion for the sport since 7 years old. It’s also a game I  enjoy watching in my spare time.


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