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School reporters Beth, Cerys, Hannah, Lowri, Tia and Rachel explored the effect Social Media has on our daily lives. Harvey downloaded information on gaming trends, Amelie looked into the future, Isabella explored the current and future implications of a plastic-free world and Joe told us all we needed to know about the recent Oscars ceremony.


I use social media many times a day, to connect with friends, watch videos etc. and fortunately, I have never been a part of cyberbullying but I am aware of the situations, and I have private accounts on all my social media, to prevent myself from being in these situations


I asked my mother Leanne about the pressure to look good and if this pressure has increased since the introduction of social media.

Q:  Social media didn’t exist when you were younger but was there still a pressures to look good?

A: Yes. It was all about what was worn out on a Friday night, or what shoes you wore to school. We all wanted to look like pop stars and women on the covers of magazines.

Q. Do you think people were more comfortable with their bodies when you were younger?”

A: Well, it is very different now. I don’t think people were more comfortable than they are now. We still wanted to look perfect but maybe we didn’t have the same pressure.


My research taught me that social media can be a positive thing. When my mother was ten years old her Aunt emigrated to Australia. It was too expensive to speak over the phone so she would write letters on thin air mail paper to keep the cost of postage down. Four years ago her brother emigrated to Australia. She is so grateful for the technology available today as she can now speak to her brother at no cost at all by using Facetime and WhatsApp  She would have loved the opportunity to speak to her Aunt and even see her through video chat. Technology gives her the opportunity to see her brother a few times a week. 


I was shocked to discover data from the Office of National Statistics states that 168 males ages 10-19 and 63 females aged 10-19 took their own lives in 2015. In my opinion, social media can. at times, boost your confidence but on the other hand young people can become preoccupied with the number of likes or comment a post receives. It’s shocking that companies are exploiting the vulnerability of some social media apps by providing them with opportunities to buy apps that allow you to can pay for followers and likes!


Children are now using social media more than ever. Children aged between 5 and 16 now spend up to six and a half hours every day in front of a screen which is more than double the time children and teens were spending in 1995. And teenage boys are even spending up to eight hours a day in front of a screen. Children and teens shouldn’t be spending as much time as they are in front of a technical device every day. They should be spending more time outside enjoying themselves and socialising with family and friends, instead of connecting with one another through a screen!


By interviewing others I found that many people believe children are on their phones for too long, and pupils and some might say their not getting the skills they need. Social media can be a great way to obtain information but sometimes accessing it is too convenient.


There are many things that have happened in our history that we are never to forget – we’ve been around 200,000 years! Although it is always good to look towards the past sometimes to see how far we’ve come, we should look to our futures as well. There are constantly new and exciting things happening and evolving every day. My research told me many interesting things! Firstly, 2045 is the estimated year of the technological singularity according to the famed futurist Ray Kurtzweil; meaning this may be the year artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence. I also found out that construction begins on first ever ‘space hotel’ which will be able to accommodate six very wealthy guests in 2020! 


I chose to interview a member of the council in Aberporth because they have launched anti-plastic campaign to cut waste. Sheila Bright, who is also the owner of a caravan site stated that the campaign is important in many ways “because we live very near the coastline and we’ve recently discovered the impact it has on our ocean life.” and “a lot of families spend time on the beach.”


Jimmy Kimmel was this year’s host after also hosting the show last year, and right off the bat, he didn’t shy away from addressing the #metoo and #timesup campaign. He said, “the world is watching us” and “We need to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.” Best Actor is always a tricky one, not so much this year, with Gary Oldman an obvious choice what with his portrayal of Winston Churchill in ‘Darkest Hour’. Best Actress, this year was an especially important year for this category, this became apparent when Frances McDormand, the winner this year, asked every single female nominee to stand up and delivered a very powerful message. And now, for the crowning achievement of the evening, Best Picture, this undoubtedly, was the closest category yet, but ‘The Shape of Water’ prevailed. In the acceptance speech, director Guillermo del Toro said, “I was a kid enamored with movies, growing up in Mexico. I thought this could never happen – it happens. ”


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