Wales reach Euro 2016 but what does it mean for the people of Wales?

As huge football fans, School Reporters Thomas, Jonathan, Harri, Thomas and Joseph are all delighted that for the first time since 1958 Wales will play in a major international tournament. They were keen to find out what it meant for the people of the Rhondda. Here is their report.

Blwyddyn 8 003 (1)

Wales have qualified for Euro 2016! We’re sure the team, Chris Coleman and the other managers are absolutely thrilled but we believe it was a win for the whole of Wales!

What do those involved in the grassroots level of the game think about the team’s success? Rhodri is a football coach and he says, “It is important for me because the national team can inspire the team I coach! Plus, I really enjoy watching football and it will be good to have Wales as part of this huge tournament.”

How about those in Year 8 at our school? Daniel was delighted after hearing the news that we’d qualified! “It’s about time we qualified and let Welsh football share some of the same success as Welsh rugby!”

Whilst Lili and Holly say, “we wouldn’t watch it ourselves,” they did add, “it is important for the country!”

The furthest Wales have reached in the competition is the quarter-finals against Brazil in Sweden in 1958! Nobody knows what awaits the Welsh team in France but what we do know is that people we asked here are certainly behind the boys! Let’s hope the support will help them reach the final. We think it might! Don’t you think so…?







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