Can you ever have too much exercise?

In less than a month the World Half Marathon Championships will take place in Cardiff and runners will be making sure they’ve done all the training they can. But school reporters, Emily, Daniel, Mathew and Mia found US based research which said too much exercise can be damaging to our health. They wanted to find out more. This is their report.

Blwyddyn 8 006 (3).jpg

How much exercise should you do every day? We asked members of our class; Harri said he exercises “at least five times a week” whilst Joseph added he does “five hours per week.”

Is this too much or not enough? We researched and found lots of advice and NHS Wales say, if you are under 18 years old, you should be doing at least 60 minute a day. That means things like jogging, running, cycling or swimming laps in the pool. Whilst 60 minutes a day might sound like a lot, we also found that newer research says there are negative effects to doing too much exercise. For example, people can fid it difficult to sleep and it can make your heart beat faster than it should and people can even become addicted which leads to further health problems.

One person, who doesn’t want to be named, said they do feel the pressure to exercise, and says “it makes them feel happy about their body.” Nia however, says she doesn’t feel the pressure to exercise but does it because it makes her feel good!”

Our research may not have been able to answer the question of whether too much exercise is bad for you but Emrys who is running the World Half Marathon Championship in a few weeks told us his sport coach advises that “it’s about exercising in moderation and listening to your body.”


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